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A new design framework to revolutionize 2016


Paradigm Shifting

A study in art and science

The next google killer


Seeml ess


A force of front end design

Maeterial Who?


2016 is the future... The front end world is stale and awaiting a paridigm shift to the dynamic. Web 2.0 suffocates us and modern tooling is overly strict and complicated. The speed of the front end industry is breakneck and sometimes it can be difficult to keep up. ShotgunJS understand this, it understands you... it loves you.

Why sacrifice your time and energy on sculpting pixels. Why bother with reactive and responsive design when the users probably just gonna glance at it on his phone whilst having a poo. Your a busy developer, why not let somone else handle it and get on with the VR mmorpg tinder subscription box that you really want to be making.

Shotgun JS is an IE compatible, OS independant, fully encypted, 64 bit, vannilla JS framework that will do for the devlopment what Homer did for the makeup industry:

Here at shogunJS we understand these claims can be difficult to believe so have compiled a simple compairson example below. see if you can spot what is traditional html design and what is revoloutionary Shotgun AI (TM)

any elements!.

Hey Mum!

Donate now!?

any elements!.

Hey Mum!

Donate now!?

Did you know marquees are still a thing?

Shotugun JS:

  • - Is Angular, React, Vue and SQL friendly, no template disagreements here!
  • - Exposes easy to use APIs to JS, Node, HTML, CSS and even COBOL (provided the COBOL outputs an html file). SDK sold seperatly.
  • - Is fully encypted end to end provided the site is hosted securley and using https and all traffic itself is encrypted.
  • - Less then 1Kb, portable and contains little to no tracking!
  • *note ShotgunJS DOES work on the command line. you just havnt set it up right...

To use shotgun simply include the shotgunJS library AND Shotgun.min.js libary into your webpage. Any elements you want futuristicly designed for you give a class of "shotgun". if you have dynamic elements then you can simply call reloadShotgun() in any Javascript and any new classes elements will be automagically redesigned.

The shotgunJS source and files are given AS IS. Shotgun JS is freee to use for commercial projects only and is subject and likely to massive amounts of legal change and ambiguity (Google buyout/IPO on the horizon)

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